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Two Myths About Trees: (from the Arbor Day Foundation)

Myth #1: Tree roots cause sidewalk damage.

Typically, sidewalk damage is the result of poor soil conditions and improper construction. If gaps are created due to pavement heaving and settling with the soil, roots will naturally follow these spaces. And if sidewalks are poured too thin, they are more prone to lifting and cracking from tree roots. Sidewalks need to be installed properly, especially if soil conditions are poor. Once the tree roots are drawn to the poorly installed sidewalk, they can lift the sidewalk as the tree roots grow. Any tree close to a sidewalk also needs to be installed properly, especially at the proper depth. The tree roots may stay near the ground level if the tree is not planted properly.

Myth #2: Tree roots break sewer lines.

In favorable soil conditions, including moisture, texture, and oxygen, most roots are found in the top 24" of soil - well away from sewer pipes. A few tree species, however, may grow deeply enough to be near a properly buried sewer line so plant the right tree at the right place. Even so, nothing happens until the sewer pipe breaks or leaks. Nearby roots then begin to thrive and grow rapidly. They can enter the defective pipe and eventually block the flow of sewage. Failing sewer pipes draw tree roots to them with the moisture and nutrients.